Full-Funnel Demand Generation for B2B

Turning your B2B Marketing into a revenue machine for accelerated growth

Generating qualified leads and selling complex niche offers is hard. We help growing B2B service providers make it easier. Scale your business faster with better customers by leveraging strategic demand generation and automated sales processes within 90 days.



Common Customer Acquisition Problems

Is this your B2B company?

You’re a B2B service provider who offers a high-ticket niche solution for a specific target audience. Your offer is valuable, and your service delivery is good, but your business is still struggling to develop a customer acquisition process that is reliable and consistent.

As a result, the amount of high-quality inbound prospects for your business is low, your sales pipeline is weak, and your growth is both unpredictable and slow. For many B2B companies, this bottleneck is the number one factor that prevents business growth.

Here are the underlying causes:

Misalignment of Marketing & Sales

Is the marketing department of your business connected to your sales department in a collaborative way?

Is the marketing department of your business separated from your sales department by a silo when it comes to communication & goal sharing?

Company Centric Acquisition Strategies

Is there a fundamental mismatch between the way that your company wants to market & sell versus the way that modern B2B buyers actually purchase?

Does your business struggle to drive interest and engagement for your offer due to not meeting the wants and needs of buying teams from your specific target audience?

Unclear Attribution Of Marketing Results

Does your business struggle to prove a clear correlation between your marketing efforts and sales results through data-based metrics?

Is it hard for you to prove that your marketing investments can be attributed to the bottom line of your business for future budget funding?

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Differentiators & Unique Selling Points

What sets TRIEBKRAFT apart?

We specialize in demand generation with a focus on LinkedIn and Google as synergetic advertising channels. Our approach is based on data driven full-funnel marketing and automated sales processes.

Our agency offers you the output of an outsourced marketing team with the bundled expertise of a core execution team. We drive growth while freeing up time for you to develop other parts of your business.

TRIEBKRAFT understands how B2B customer journeys and complex sales truly work. With a niche expertise for high ticket service providers and consultants, we offer outstanding value alongside a proven track record.

We take pride in delivering a consistently high-quality service with outstanding support by limiting the number of partners we take on per year to only ten spots! Customer success is always our top priority.

Peace Of Mind Guarantee

TRIEBKRAFT delivers results you can rely on. Since we are 100% convinced of the effectiveness of our system, we guarantee your company tangible and metric based results within 90 days of our program or your money back.

Money back guarantee

Data-Driven Performance Marketing for better results

Investing in sustainable Growth

B2B companies that want to grow sustainably must first lay a strong foundation. This includes the development of a custom growth strategy based on the individual goals, needs and stage of the business.

Customer acquisition challenges are among the most pressing issues for ambitious companies. So wouldn’t it make sense to heavily invest in these areas while working with specialized professionals to reach the next level of growth more quickly?

What is often misunderstood by companies in the B2B context is the fact that effective marketing is a calculated investment and not a bottomless expense. Leveraging data driven demand generation allows your business to transform its marketing into a predictable revenue machine.

If our results guarantee isn’t enough to crush any perceived risk, the fact that you are reading this sentence alone proves that our methods work.


Did you know?

0 %

of all B2B companies invest heavily in digital marketing and content creation to generate new leads and customers.

Source: Hubspot

0 %

of all B2B decision-makers are millennials who expect a modern marketing & sales process during their customer journey.

Source: Hubspot

0 %

of all B2B purchasing decisions are already made before a company is even contacted with an inbound inquiry.

Source: WebFX

Specialized in B2B

How TRIEBKRAFT Makes A Difference

Many B2B Companies struggle with similar issues:

The impact TRIEBKRAFT can have on your company:

We know B2B marketing

Does your business check these boxes?

Number 1

You’re time constrained

You need professional help with streamlining your customer acquisition process so you can focus on other areas of your business.


You’re budget conscious

You would like to get a bang for your buck by maximizing the results of your investments with the firepower of an entire agency for a fair monthly fixed price.


You need someone you can trust

Outsourcing one of the most important parts of a business is a key decision. You need a partner with a proven track record that you can rely on.

LinkedIn Audit: Find out how effective your current B2B marketing really is

Sign-up for our comprehensive LinkedIn audit to find out how effective your current B2B marketing really is and what potential is still left to be uncovered. Alternatively, you are also welcome to test yourself: our checklist will guide you through the process.

Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation

The difference between simply generating leads and creating intent based demand

Lead Generation focuses on quantity.

Many companies make the mistake of focusing their acquisition strategy on quantity over quality. In simple terms, this means that the volume of generated leads is given more value than the actual quality of the lead.

It’s a numbers game right? Well, these strategies most often result in a deceptive sales pipeline which is clogged with low-intent leads that waste your company’s resources more than anything.

Ultimately, this inefficiency will result in a lower sales output, which not only slows down your business growth, but also makes it way less predictable. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to avoid this headache.

Funnel bad
Funnel good

Demand Generation focuses on quality!

Instead, companies could simply focus on more of a buyer-centric acquisition strategy that is fueled by demand generation and precisely matches the needs of specific buying teams from your target audience.

The best way to achieve this is through strategically positioned content pieces that draw and capture the attention of your leads. Prospects that actually develop a high purchasing intent usually result in more promising deals and better business overall.

In its final conclusion, this approach facilitates a more efficient nurturing and qualifying process that will accelerate your sales cycle noticeably.

Did you know?

The average B2B sales cycle requires anywhere from 7-12 touchpoints to finalize a deal.

Source: Hubspot

The amount of decision makers involved in a single B2B sale most often ranges between 6-12 people.

Source: Hubspot

The average B2B sales cycle can take anywhere from 4-8 months for most service providers.

Source: WebFX

How Complex Purchasing Decision Are Made

The B2B Buyer’s Journey

In order to develop a buyer-centric customer acquisition strategy for complex offers with long sales cycles, we help B2B companies:


Step 1

During the awareness phase, people from your target audience start to develop an awareness for your solution for the first time.

This means that internal business problems are first identified and then targeted through implication based content.


Step 2
Demand Generation

The demand generation phase is characterized by the fact that prospects from your target audience begin to discover a clear solution to their problems.

This typically includes researching and evaluating potential solution providers.


Step 3
Capture & Activation

The Capture & Activation phase is about creating an internal consensus among stakeholders for a potential solution provider.

At this time, all decision makers agree to actively pursue a specific solution as well as a specific service provider.


Step 4
Customer Success

The customer success phase begins after the buying process has been completed by both parties.

The focus now shifts to the implementation of the solution, as well as support in regards to change management.


Step 5
Expansion & Up-Sells

In the final expansion and up-sell phase, we focus on scaling a validated solution by expanding internally.

In addition, this phase can serve as the basis to create the need for further up-sells with an existing customer.

Our Individual Services

Full-Funnel Marketing Breakdown


Growth Consulting

We develop modern B2B growth strategies with a Full-Funnel approach to fit the individual needs and long-term growth goals of your company.


Demand & Lead Gen

Based on a pre-defined buyer’s journey, we systematically distribute your content across LinkedIn and Google – generating demand first and qualified leads second.


CRM & Processes

We help your sales & marketing teams achieve higher outputs by working more efficiently with the help of modern CRM systems and automated sales processes.


Branded Content

By crafting specific content pieces based on your expertise we help your company stand out, build trust and develop thought-leadership within your niche.


Lead Nurturing

By leveraging proven nurturing methods, we turn cold prospects into hot leads that are not just pre-qualified but also show a high purchasing intent for your offer.



In order to further maximize your online visibility and increase closing rates, we build custom-made B2B websites focused on function and performance.


How TRIEBKRAFT Systematically Transforms Your Customer Acquistion Process In 5 Steps


Analysis & Strategy

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your company and its industry with a focus on internal marketing methods and sales processes.

Based on your business goals and the detailed profiles of your target audience, we design a custom strategy to transform and automate your acquisition process.

Content & Communication

Next, we focus on fine tuning your company’s marketing communication according to your business branding and the expectations of your target audience.

We run tests on your target audience to find out which type of content most effectively generates interest, awareness and demand for your offer.


Campaigns & Optimizations

The pre-produced content can now be distributed to your target audience through precise performance marketing campaigns and additional organic content.

Meanwhile, we focus of constantly optimizing your advertising campaigns to steadily decrease your customer acquisition costs while increasing your conversion rates.

Demand Capture & Lead Generation

Now it’s all about putting the final touches on our full-funnel system to translate the preexisting demand from your target audience into pre-qualified inbound leads.

We then filter and evaluate all relevant leads to identify the most promising prospects with the highest purchasing intent to allow targeted nurturing around proven ABM strategies.


Automation & Scaling

Finally, we focus on the development and automation of key sales processes in order to systematically close future inbound leads more efficiently.

During this phase, validated acquisition methods are strategically scaled so your business can grow even more effectively in the future without having to worry about sales.

Specialized Expertise: Who we work with

High-Ticket B2B Service Industries


Engineering & Technical Services

We drive growth for B2B service providers in the maintenance & repairs, technical manufacturing and industrial consulting industry.

sustainable 1

Infrastructure & Environmental Services

We drive growth for B2B service providers in the energy & water supply, waste management and environmental consulting industry.

consultant-services 1

Management & Consulting Services

We drive growth for B2B service providers in the strategy & business consulting, operations consulting and IT consulting industry.

Does your business meet the following criteria?

If you have a proven business that generates between $1 – 10 Mil. per year with clear growth goals and a realistic budget, TRIEBKRAFT can offer you a free consultation to find out if our agency would be able to help you reach the next level of growth.

Reviews & Testemonials

The TRIEBKRAFT Experience


Prof. Dr. Mathias Bauer


“Our partnership with TRIEBKRAFT has been marked by top-tier services, constant availability and short-term creative fulfillment of tasks as well as an outstanding price to performance ratio. I can highly recommend their Full-Funnel services for companies that are looking for a trustworthy and reliable growth partner.”


Steven Berni


“With the support of TRIEBKRAFT, we were not only able to revamp our online presence in a modern, innovative and results-oriented way – increasing the number of direct new customer inquiries for our bsuiness many times over. For us, TRIEBKRAFT has become an essential partner for sustainable growth in terms of media presence, marketing and customer acquisition.”


Dominik Schröder

CEO of Schröder Immobilien GmbH

„TRIEBKRAFT adapts to the wishes and needs of their partners in order to work out the optimal marketing concept in a collaborative manner! Highly recommendable! „