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The Only Constant Is Change

What exactly the future of work will look like is difficult to predict. 
The last few years have shown us that change and uncertainty are the only constants in the structural shift of modern work.

Employers and employees are increasingly realizing that traditional job systems are no longer ideal, because they are simply outdated.

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Our approach to New Work


We value doing good and honest work for companies that are worth it.

But what does that mean? On the one hand, we aim to deliver more to our partners in every project than is expected of us. This value proposition can only be generated through good work, effective processes and honest communication.

We particularly enjoy working with partners from industries that we know well and who make a positive socioeconomic impact.


We rely on people who share our core values and economic mindset.

Therefore it’s crucial that team dynamics are set up harmoniously. This works best if you are able to effectively fulfill your role and tasks both in a team setting as well as independently.

We value small but highly competent teams because less is often more with highly complex projects. Openness and flexibility are two of the most important attributes for potential employees.

Remote First

TRIEBKRAFT follows a 100% remote-first work approach. We pursue the idea of increased freedom at work through work systems that are independent of time and place.

It is important to us that every single person at TRIEBKRAFT is able to enjoy this freedom. Working hours are also relatively flexible and not necessarily linked to a specific time zone.

Good work is calculated less in hours than with project-specific deliverables that should be completed by specific deadlines and are linked measurable outcomes.


The culture at TRIEBKRAFT is very much shaped by our business mindset. We value and share openness, honesty and independence.

This mix, coupled with a healthy dose of innovation and flexibility, makes us very agile and competitive as an agency. Our goal is to leave room for creativity and development at all times.

Rethinking the status-quo of work environments and finding new ways to reach goals is what we do. Our employee-centered approach to new work is what makes working at TRIEBKRAFT a tremendous opportunity.