Google Ads: fast results with automated push -marketing

We help you leverage Google Ads and bottom funnel marketing to make your niche offer more visible online and to attract more prospects with a high purchasing intent for your offer.



Advantages of Paid Ads on Google

How do Google Ads help my B2B company?


Quick Results

Google Ads require much less time to ramp-up and generate tangible results, compared to other Marketing Channels.

Usually, your B2B company can expect relevant inbound results on Google within 30 days of advertising.


Massive Reach

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google registers over 5 billion search requests per day.

This is the chance for your company to become digitally visible as an expert for specific B2B problems within your niche.


Precise Targeting

Advertising on Google is based on certain search queries and the use of very specific keywords.

That way, your company can reach its target audience more efficiently without wasting money on irrelevant prospects.


Transparency & Control

Thanks to the Google Ads manager and Analytics, the performance of your campaign is 100% transparent.

You can follow the development of the campaign at all times and check for KPIs that are relevant to your success.

Less headaches with Google Advertising

Unlike the most popular social media platforms, Google is subject to much less volatility and complexity when it comes to advertising. That means you don’t have to worry about:

Peace Of Mind Guarantee

TRIEBKRAFT delivers results you can rely on. Since we are 100% convinced of the effectiveness of our system, we guarantee your company tangible and metric based results within 90 days of our program or your money back.

Money back guarantee

Case Study

Google Ads: More Course Sign-Ups for CBM GmbH

CBM is the largest provider of occupational safety education in the south-west of Germany. The company, with locations in Bexbach and Aachen, offers seminars on the topics of occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as organizational development and communication.

Our task was to increase the digital visibility of their seminar portfolio and, to fill vacancies for upcoming courses.


Why Google Ads are so effective

Google Ads is the largest advertising platform of all time. The world’s most popular search engine has been in business for over 20 years – and for good reason! It’s an evergreen marketing channel that offers numerous opportunities for lead generation.

The platform can be used as a stand-alone marketing channel to capture the buying intent of prospective customers that belong to your target audience and are actively searching for a solution.

Alternatively, Google can also be used as a synergy-driving remarketing channel alongside platforms such as LinkedIn or Youtube.

Did you know?

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of all B2B purchasing decisions begin with a specific search query on Google

Source: Hubspot

0 %

of B2B decision-makers state that they regularly use Google to find new products or services.

Source: Hubspot

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of the total search volume on Google will only view the first page of results on Google.

Source: Google

The Process

How Google Ads work

Google Ads is synonymous with “search engine marketing”, making it a “pull channel” where, by definition, prospects already have an awareness for a certain problem and are now actively looking for a solution.

In order to understand Google Ads, one should first understand how Google itself works: it all starts with a person developing a certain thought that leads to a specific search intention or query.

When a user searches for something on Google, they are looking for a specific answer. From a business perspective, this is your chance to stand out as a solution provider for their respective problem by appearing at the top of the search results page.

Our Google services in detail

Keys to successful Google Marketing


Growth Consulting & Campaign Strategy

Beginning with a consultative workshop we’ll discuss what growth strategy best suits your company’s long-term goals and develop a campaign plan based around your individual needs.


Pull Marketing & Retargeting

We run targeted ad campaigns on Google to supply your business with a steady stream of relevant prospects while also increasing cross-channel-synergies through proven retargeting methods.


CRM Integration & Efficient Processes

We help facilitate the implementation of modern CRM systems and effective sales processes for your business so that your sales department can work more efficiently while achieving a higher output.

Discovery Call

Ready to automate your bottom-funnel lead generation with TRIEBKRAFT?

Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to take the first step towards developing a game-changing customer acquisition system.

The TRIEBKRAFT Framework

Getting started on Google in 5 Steps


Step 1
Discovery Call

Beginning with an initial Discovery Call we focus on getting to know more about your company, its current challenges and long-term goals.

Based on our analysis, we’ll evaluate whether or not TRIEBKRAFT would be able to help your company and determine if a potential partnership makes sense for both parties.


Step 2
Audit & Analysis

If you’re company already advertises on Google, we’ll conduct a comprehensive audit of your ad account and campaign structure to uncover all the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you’re business is new to Google Ads we begin by running an individual analysis of your company and it’s industry to predetermine potential opportunities and challenges.


Step 3
Strategy & Setup

Based on the results of our analysis, we transition towards the development of a custom Google ads strategy for your business.

We then translate this strategy into the set-up of your ad account and the fine tuning of your campaign structure, to ensure maximum results for your marketing investments.


Step 4
Optimization & Reporting

Once your campaign is up and running we make sure to conduct continuous tests and optimizations of both your keywords and bidding strategy with bi-weekly reporting included, to keep you up-to-date.

While the first 6 weeks require a lot of testing, it pays to be patient. Your campaigns will run more efficiently, promising better performance and lower customer acquisition costs in the long run.


Step 5

Once the initial testing period is completed, we transition to the final stage of scaling validated methods and strategies.

This can be in form of an increased ad budget to multiply your results or the integration of other synergetic marketing channels such as LinkedIn.


Common Questions and Answers

We stay in direct contact with our partners via a project-specific Slack channel and regular phone or video update meetings.

Unfortunately, there is no general answer for this. It all depends on how much you want to invest and what your company’s goals are. The minimum ad budget when working with TRIEBKRAFT is €500 per month.

Our service costs are calculated based on your marketing budget, the total effort that is put in and the added value that we can generate.

Transparency, expertise and experience are the main factors to consider when choosing an agency.


In order to get real results and run a profitable campaign, you should be ready to invest an advertising budget of at least €500. However, this does not include the costs for the actual agency work, which is billed separately and variably.

In order to be able to realistically assess the results of a campaign, a period of at least 3 months should be allowed. That’s how long it takes to collect enough data, perform analysis, and make optimizations.

Depending on the individual company goals, there are no upper limits. As long as a campaign is profitable, you can invest as much as you want in your marketing.

After the end of the test period, our minimum contract term is 3 months, since Google ads involve a certain start-up time. It only makes sense to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign after the third month.

After the first three months, we transition into a follow-up contract with most of our customers with a term of either 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.