LinkedIn: the key to unlocking sustainable demand for your B2B business

We help drive sustainable awareness and demand for your niche offer though data driven full-funnel marketing and hyper-targeted ad campaigns on LinkedIn.




How do LinkedIn Ads help my B2B company?

LinkedIn ads is a great way for your company to generate leads, drive website visitors and build brand awareness. 
The platform allows you to build and nurture long term business relationships for sustainable growth. 
LinkedIn is the number one platform for B2B customer acquisition efforts.


Outstanding Reach

LinkedIn gives your business the opportunity to reach a highly professional B2B audience.

This includes 830+ million users worldwide, with over 190 million in
the U.S. alone.


Decision Maker Access

LinkedIn makes it possible to reach over 65 million decision makers and 10+ million top managers.

It’s user base also has much greater purchasing power than digital target audiences on Meta, for example.


Precise Targeting

Compared to Meta and Co., LinkedIn offers extremely precise targeting options for very specific audiences.

LinkedIn’s possesses a comprehensive data base, allowing you to advertise to relevant prospects only.


Different Formats

LinkedIn offers many different advertising formats that can be used variably within your marketing mix.

Driven by innovation, the platform is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends and user needs.

Peace Of Mind Guarantee

TRIEBKRAFT delivers results you can rely on. Since we are 100% convinced of the effectiveness of our system, we guarantee your company tangible and metric based results within 90 days of our program or your money back.

Money back guarantee

The Strategy

Why LinkedIn ads are so effective

LinkedIn is like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to offering effective digital solutions for various challenges in marketing, sales and HR.

Especially in regards to B2B lead generation, there is no other platform with a greater impact and effectiveness than LinkedIn.

The platform offers companies and individual users the opportunity to increase their niche-specific reach alongside valuable networking opportunities. By leveraging paid advertising and engaging organic content, companies can generate a stable demand for their offer and generate pre-qualified inbound leads.

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Did you know?

0 %

of all B2B inbound leads are generated using LinkedIn Marketing. 

Source: LinkedIn

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more B2B conversions are generated LinkedIn compared to other channels like Meta.

Source: Hubspot

0 %

of all B2B buyers say LinkedIn has been the biggest influence on their purchasing decision.

Source: Hubspot

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The Process

How LinkedIn Ads work

LinkedIn can be categorized as a push-marketing channel, where future prospects don’t display a preexisting need for a specific solution.

Potential customers are therefore not yet aware of potential problems they may be dealing with and are in a phase where a need must first be uncovered before trying to sell it pre-maturely.

This gives companies the chance to position themselves as „thought leaders“ within the minds of their target group, so they don’t have to compete on the price factor as much.

LinkedIn Ads give your company the chance to create demand early on and to generate high-quality leads that are ready to buy.

Our LinkedIn Services

Elements of Success on LinkedIn


Growth Consulting & Content Strategy

Beginning with a consultative workshop we’ll discuss what growth strategy best suits your company’s long-term goals and develop a campaign plan based around your individual needs.


Demand & Lead Generation

We run targeted ad campaigns on LinkedIn to supply your business with a steady stream of qualified inbound leads while also increasing cross-channel-synergies on channels like Google.


CRM Systems & efficient Processes

We help facilitate the implementation of modern CRM systems and effective sales processes for your business so that your sales department can work more efficiently while achieving a higher output.


Getting Started on LinkedIn 5 steps

Mit einer ausgeklügelten Strategie dank der TRIEBKRAFT-Methode platzieren wir Ihr Angebot zur richtigen Zeit vor die Augen der richtigen Personen.
Ihr Markenbewusstsein wird gestärkt, die Sichtbarkeit Ihres Angebotes erhöht sich drastisch und Sie erhalten hochwertige, qualifizierte Anfragen aus Ihrer Zielgruppe.


Step 1
Discovery Call

Beginning with an initial Discovery Call we focus on getting to know more about your company, its current challenges and long-term goals.

Based on our analysis, we’ll evaluate whether or not TRIEBKRAFT would be able to help your company and determine if a potential partnership makes sense for both parties.


Step 2
Audit & Analysis

If you’re company already advertises on LinkedIn, we will conduct a comprehensive audit of your ad account and campaign structure to uncover all the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you’re business is new to LinkedIn Ads we begin by running an individual analysis of your company and it’s industry to predetermine potential opportunities and challenges.


Step 3
Strategy & Set-Up

Based on the results of our analysis, we transition towards the development of a custom LinkedIn Ads strategy for your business.

We then translate this strategy into the set-up of your ad account and the fine tuning of your campaign structure, to ensure maximum results for your marketing investments.


Step 4
Optimization & Reporting

Once your campaign is up and running we make sure to conduct continuous tests and optimizations of both your ad creatives and bidding strategy with bi-weekly reporting included, to keep you up-to-date.

While the first 12 weeks require a lot of testing, it pays to be patient. Your campaigns will run more efficiently, promising better performance and lower customer acquisition costs in the long run.


Step 5
Scaling & Change

Once the initial testing period is completed, we transition to the final stage of scaling validated methods and strategies.

This can be in form of an increased ad budget to multiply your results or the integration of other synergetic marketing channels such as Google.

LinkedIn Audit: Find out how effective your current B2B marketing really is

Sign-up for our comprehensive LinkedIn audit to find out how effective your current B2B marketing really is and what potential is still left to be uncovered. Alternatively, you are also welcome to test yourself: our checklist will guide you through the process.


Common Questions

More and more B2B companies are realizing that LinkedIn is a key channel for creating demand for complex services or products.

For this reason, more and more companies are no longer having the LinkedIn marketing managed by general marketing agencies, but are explicitly turning to specialized B2B agencies such as TRIEBKRAFT.

The short answer is: as much as you can afford. We typically recommend starting with $1,500 – $2,000 per month to collect relevant data and find out how much upside LinkedIn can generate for your company.

There are a few important things to consider when thinking about LinkedIn advertising budget:

Is your website already registering a strong, consistent flow of visitors?

Do you advertise on other channels that we can use to make retargeting on LinkedIn more effective?

Do you already know exactly what your ideal target customer looks like, or do we still have to determine that together?

We specialize exclusively in helping B2B service providers with comlex offers.

By using a holistic marketing methodology, we manage to build trust and credibility with your potential customers and position you as an expert within your niche.

Our system promises higher conversion rates, larger deals, improved ROI, and significantly shorter sales cycles.

Your potential customers are already on LinkedIn.

Better yet, your potential prospects are on LinkedIn, to connect, grow their business, and to be influenced in their purchasing decisions.

Thanks to the extensive functions of the advertising manager on LinkedIn, we can filter potential prospects by seniority, job function, industry, geography, company size and much more. That way, we ensure that our ads are only shown to relevant potential buyers only.

Although the ads are usually more expensive than on Meta, for example, they produce leads of a much higher quality that are more likely to convert from prospects to buyers later on.

In order to be really successful on LinkedIn, a few basic conditions must be met:

  • A solid website that is already good at converting prospects into leads
  • A clear vision of your ideal audience and a proven core offer with a CLV (customer lifetime value) of more than €5,000
  • A willingness to invest in ads for at least 90 days to conduct a meaningful test.

It depends:

If you are just starting out with LinkedIn advertising and are not yet seeing quality traffic to your website that we can use for retargeting, it may take anywhere from 3-6 months to see a profitable ROI.

Other service providers will quickly promise you attractive results within a very short time. In reality, however, constant optimization is required to make a campaign run profitably and to keep it profitable, which simply takes its time.

If you’re already getting good organic or paid traffic to your website that converts well, positive ROI can be achieved within 30-90 days with the appropriate budget.